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Everyone's Favorite Paperware TM

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Slides Or Just Straps

The straps on Deco slides come on and off, allowing you to swap in different straps on the same pair of soles. If you don't already have a pair of Decos, you'll probably want to select the "Slides" option: this includes soles and straps. If you do already have a pair, and just want to buy new straps that you may swap in, the "Straps only" option might be for you.


Yes, it's the solo jazz pattern, now in slide form. Thanks @f***jerry for bringing us along for the ride. 

Where to wear:

  • Whilst meme-making
  • Playing beer pong at your frats' 90's themed party 
  • Solo brand picnics 


  • Iconic Solo Jazz paperware design 
  • Swappable strap so you can get new designs w/o buying new sandals
  • Machine washable
  • High grade neoprene and polyurethane sole = quality and comfort
  • Made in San Francisco (mostly)