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Design Your Own Slides with Our Custom Sandals Design Tool

We pleased to announce that we've launched a DIY online slide personalization tool! Check it out at https://decoslides.com/products/custom-slide-sandals. With this tool, you can easily design slides with custom logos, text, colors, and photographs all from your browser -- it even works on your phone!

We think that customizing footwear should be just as easy as designing a t-shirt, and we drew inspiration from sites like Custom Ink and Uber Prints when we were creating our slides customizer. Similar to those t-shirt creation sites, our slide design maker allows you to choose the color of your straps and drag and drop photos and text to make your own unique creation. Unlike those sites, we have can print the entire color spectrum from edge to edge at high resolution at no extra charge -- even photographs of your friends or pets will come out looking crisp.

On top of that, we have no minimum order quantity for purchases made through with our slides design software, and you can save and share designs you've made with friends and family. With men's slides, women's slides, and youth slides all available, there is something for everyone. Design slides for a special somebody, for you team or event, for your company, or make custom slides for your brand.

Please check out the tool and let us know what you think! We're planning on adding more features soon and would love your feedback so we can prioritize what we work on next!