About our slides

There are many brands of slides to choose from these days. A few of those brands make very high quality products, many don't. From day one, we knew that we wanted to be one of the few and have insisted that Deco Slides maintain best in class quality standards. That mindset has led us to develop what we believe to be all around excellent slides, and by far the best customizable slides on the market.

We did all of this while introducing patented innovations that no other footwear company can offer. Here are a few things that set Deco Slides apart:

Swappable straps

Deco straps snap on and off of the soles, allowing you to swap in and out different straps and toss straps in the wash to keep them looking brand new. This is perfect for teams looking for home and away colors, for those buying novelty items that might want a different look later, and for anyone just looking to accessorize. 


We sell straps independently of our soles for half the price of a complete pair.

Customization process

Decos are the only customizable slide sandals with full color, edge to edge printing, meaning your designs can span the full height and width of the slide uppers. We print Deco uppers using a high fidelity process known as dye sublimation. Dye sublimating allows us to print photographic quality, true to color uppers that never fade, peel, or bleed. Perfect for intricate logos, or photos of friends, family, and pets.


Deco outsoles are made of 100% polyurethane. They are firm yet comfortable and very similar in both shape and feel to the outsoles of the Adidas Adilette. This makes for a supportive and virtually industructable sole.

Deco uppers are made of 100% polyester canvas backed with SBR neoprene for cushioning. The cushion eliminates the chafing that brands of slides can cause, and the polyester canvas gives Decos a uniquely flexible yet durable fit.