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How to Wear a Neck Gaiter: Different Ways to Wear a Gaiter

Want to know how to wear a gaiter for protection or fashion - a little of both? We’ve got you covered with the best ways to wear a gaiter! The neck gaiter is a versatile piece of fabric that everyone should have. It can protect the skin from sunburn while fishing or keep the head warm when skiing. This depends on the neck gaiter design, and you can purchase a customizable neck gaiter from Deco Slides to suit your tastes and desired functionality for maximum efficacy.  Continue reading for the different purposes of a neck gaiter, the different ways to wear it, general tips on maintaining a neck gaiter, and more below! What is the Purpose of a Neck Gaiter?...

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Best Neck Gaiter For Winter, Hot Weather, and Any Use Case

As the seasons ebb and flow, the weather demands flexibility and versatility from our wardrobes. Whether you're bracing against the winter chill or seeking protection from the harsh summer sun, there's one accessory that stands as an adaptable all-rounder: the neck gaiter.  But with a sea of choices, you might ask - what separates the best from the rest? Or, more specifically, where can you find the best neck gaiter for winter or hot weather, fishing or skiing, hiking, cycling, or anything in between? Your search ends here at Deco Slides. As the most trusted source for all things gaiters online, we’re here to help you uncover the top choices on the market and feel confident making a purchase.  In...

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How to Make a Neck Gaiter: Tips for Making a Neck Gaiter DIY

Making a neck gaiter may seem challenging initially, but it is a more straightforward process than you might realize. Especially with the help of the experts here at Deco Slides.  Creating a neck gaiter from scratch requires experience with sewing. For some people, this could be the opportunity they’ve been waiting for to set aside time to add sewing to their skillset. For others, this could be the ultimate deterrent to learning how to make a neck gaiter if they don’t have the time, materials, or energy to set aside to take up the task.  The good news? If you decide that making your own neck gaiter is too much work, you can bring one to life with ease on...

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What are the Most Comfortable Slides?

Slide sandals are as convenient as they are stylish, but finding a pair that feels comfortable on your feet can be trickier than you think. Your choice of slides can impact your daily comfort levels and long-term foot health, so finding the most comfortable slides is of the utmost importance. A nice pair of comfortable slides has features that help support your feet throughout a day of walking without detracting from the relaxing experience of wearing sandals. With so many options out there, what are the most comfortable slides on the market, and how do you separate those options from the rest? In this guide, we’ll explore why finding a comfortable pair of slides is essential, along with some key...

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How to Style Slides: The Complete Guide to Rocking Slides in Style

Slides have become a trendy sandal option over the last decade, evolving from their roots as an athletic shoe. Slides are perfect for several settings, from an athleisure look that keeps you looking put together when running errands to formal settings as a unique way to tie together an outfit. Styling slides properly can seem tricky at first glance, especially regarding formal wear, but it does not have to be! Slides are highly versatile, as you can pair them with or without socks, use them as a quick slip-on for the beach, or even rock them as a statement piece to tie together a jumpsuit or nighttime outfit. In this guide, we will look in-depth at how to style slides...

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