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Project Hatch Interview

One of our founders, Sam Jackson, was recently interviewed by Project Hatch about the process of starting Deco Slides. Read the interview here: https://www.projecthatch.co/interview/how-we-created-slides-with-customizable-swappable-straps/

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3D Previewing Is Here!

We’re happy to announce that you can now view and share all of your custom slides designs in 3D! Use our online customizer tool to personalize your slides with text, logos, and photos and our preview tool will show you exactly what they’ll look when they arrive. You can zoom, drag, and rotate the 3D model to see what your creation will look like from every angle so you can make sure it comes out just right. Try it out here (the 3D preview will pop in after a few seconds): https://decoslides.com/products/custom-deco-slides?design=zlmaes  This isn’t just for new designs either -- any designs you may have saved in the past are available to preview in 3D as well! You check see...

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New Designs: The Deco Holiday Collection

Slides? In the winter? Apparently… we just had our biggest sales month ever this November. I guess if you squint slides aren’t so different than slippers (and IMO the neoprene cushioning does make our slides pretty cozy). To celebrate, we designed a bunch of slides to put us and you in the holiday spirit. We’ve got Christmas sweater slides, Hanukkah slides, a whole lotta flannel, and a few out of left field concepts that are more related to skiing than the holidays (around this time of year it’s hard to get snow off our minds -- we are located in Denver after all). You can find the whole collection here, but first, check out the Deco HQ favorites: Who: Benny...

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Why Choose Deco for Your Custom Slides

We know there are other options out there when it comes to purchasing custom slides, and while we think that Decos are the best product out there, our slides aren't for everyone.  Since we have a pretty good lay of the competitive landscape by now and like to think of ourselves as slides experts, we thought we'd share some of our insights on today's custom slides game. Custom slide options ISlide: Athletic inspired slides with velcro straps. Most famous for appearing on Shark Tank and turning down a pretty solid offer. M4D3 Custom: A newish entrant to the slides game, they make classically styled slides in addition to custom printed shoes and slippers. Alibaba: There are dozens of Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba that you can...

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Design Your Own Slides with Our Custom Sandals Design Tool

We pleased to announce that we've launched a DIY online slide personalization tool! Check it out at https://decoslides.com/products/custom-slide-sandals. With this tool, you can easily design slides with custom logos, text, colors, and photographs all from your browser -- it even works on your phone! We think that customizing footwear should be just as easy as designing a t-shirt, and we drew inspiration from sites like Custom Ink and Uber Prints when we were creating our slides customizer. Similar to those t-shirt creation sites, our slide design maker allows you to choose the color of your straps and drag and drop photos and text to make your own unique creation. Unlike those sites, we have can print the entire color spectrum...

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