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FAQ: Should I buy Guccis or Decos?

Should I buy Guccis or Decos? We hear this question all the time, and we totally sympathize -- these decisions are tough! Although we of course would like you to buy Deco, we value trust and transparency over all else so we'll walk you through this difficult choice honestly and without bias. 

Gucci: What are my options?

Here's the classic red and green Gucci slide, made popular by Future's seminal hit, Thought It Was A Drought:

You can purchase this classic slide here for $210. If you're looking for the latest 2018 Gucci fashions, you may find the "Floral Brocade Slide" appealing:

The Floral Brocade slide will set you back $620. You can purchase it here

Our Take

Both of these options are very tempting. Which isn't surprising, because, after all, they're Gucci!

If you like the style of the slides above, we hate to say it, but they might be the right slides for you. Just consider this one question before you pull the trigger:

Are you obscenely rich, or really, really bad with money?

If so, these Gucci slides just might be for you.

Gucci Knockoffs: What Can I Afford?

You're still reading! We're sorry you're not rich, but congratulations on your money management skills!

There are a number of knockoff Gucci's on the market that still (sort of) deliver on the Gucci brand and styling. For example, there are these "Gucci" slides:

These knockoffs are only $19 on ioffer.com -- find them here. Seems like a good deal, unfortunately we can't confirm, since we ordered a pair but received only a package containing a ziplock bag of sand. We're sure you'll have better luck though. 

A good alternative to buying knockoff Guccis is to make your own. Popular YouTube series Cheap Thrills outlines an effective method here:

If you don't have time to watch the video, these turn out... all right. They'll probably fool a few people, and even if they don't, they're still slides!

Our Take

In considering knockoff/DIY Gucci's vs Decos, it may help to ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I any good at arts and crafts?
  • Am I ok with people spotting a fake and calling me out?
  • How much is a pound of sand worth to me?

You answered no or less than $20 to any of these questions, you should probably just buy some Decos. Guccis are overrated anyway. 


Anything we didn't cover? Other brands you're considering? Talk to us! Let us know in the comments