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How to Wear a Neck Gaiter: Different Ways to Wear a Gaiter

Want to know how to wear a gaiter for protection or fashion - a little of both? We’ve got you covered with the best ways to wear a gaiter!

The neck gaiter is a versatile piece of fabric that everyone should have. It can protect the skin from sunburn while fishing or keep the head warm when skiing. This depends on the neck gaiter design, and you can purchase a customizable neck gaiter from Deco Slides to suit your tastes and desired functionality for maximum efficacy. 

Continue reading for the different purposes of a neck gaiter, the different ways to wear it, general tips on maintaining a neck gaiter, and more below!

What is the Purpose of a Neck Gaiter?

The neck gaiter is a versatile tool that can protect the neck, head, and face from the elements. Plus, there are other neat ways to get the most out of your neck gaiter. Find out how a neck gaiter can benefit you below! 

Protection From the Elements

A neck gaiter is most commonly used for protection from the elements. It protects the face and neck from exposure to the sun and frigid cold. 

During the summer, the neck gaiter blocks the sun from burning the skin. It can be a significant deterrent if you cannot reapply sunscreen during long UV light exposure. A neck gaiter can protect a person’s face and neck from wind and cold burns in the winter. 

Face Covering for Safety

There has been much adjustment with the unfortunate arrival of the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the pandemic, a revolutionary way of using a neck garter has extended to a face covering for safety. 

The neck garter is a more comfortable face mask altering for covering the face when going out in public places. It quickly shifts down to rest around the neck when not in use and can be quickly adjusted to cover the face when needing to go into a grocery store, gas station, or other public venue. 

Fashion Accessory

Neck gaiters have quickly become a hot fashion accessory. Many colors and patterns for neck gaiters appeal to many different tastes. The fashionable design of the neck gaiter of your choice can be used in many different ways, like a headband or a cap, to add a splash of fun to your overall look. 

All the Different Ways to Wear a Gaiter

There are many versatile ways to wear a neck gaiter, such as a neck scar or balaclava, which can protect your skin or provide warmth from the cold. Learn how to wear a gaiter below with these fun and innovative fashion tips!

Neck Scarf

One of the most common ways to wear a gaiter is as a neck scarf. All you need to do is draw the neck gaiter over your head, face, and neck to wear it like a scarf. 

Pick a cool or cute design for your neck gaiter to pair well with your outfit and to keep your neck warm and safe from exposure! 

Face Mask

The neck gaiter worn as a face mask became popular during the COVID pandemic. It is quick and easy to draw the neck gaiter up to cover your face when exposing yourself and others in public environments. When done, pull the neck gaiter down to wear as a face mask. 


Wearing the neck gaiter as a headband is an excellent option to keep sweat out of your eyes. All you need to do is fold the material of the neck gaiter, then slide it to rest on your forehead to protect your eyes from salty sweat. 

The neck gaiter worn as a hairband is an excellent option for those looking to keep their hair out of their face. Simply place the neck gaiter around your neck, then pull the material over your head to cover your hair. Wearing a neck gaiter can be a productive way of removing the distraction of flyaway hair. 


A fun way to wear a neck gaiter is as a beanie. All you need to do is turn the neck gaiter inside out, twist the material, then fold it back. Next, wear the neck gaiter over your head as a beanie. 


Another innovative way to wear a neck gaiter is a hood. This method protects your head and neck from insects, sweat, and dust. It can be worn beneath a bike helmet or a hat. 

Draw the neck gaiter over your head. Next, hold the front part of the material under your chin before pulling the remaining fabric over the back of your head. 


The balaclava way of wearing a neck gaiter is an effective way of protecting the neck, face, and head from the elements, sun, rain, or cold. Start by fashioning the hood of the balaclava. Then, draw the material of the neck gaiter under the chin, doubling it up before pulling it over the nose. 


Fashion the neck gaiter as a wristband for easy access to your neck gaiter without wearing it on your neck, face, or head. Put the neck gaiter on your arm, then wrap it until it fits snugly to your wrist. This method is excellent for wiping sweat off your face while you work as a convenient sweatband. 

How to Wear a Neck Gaiter: General Style Tips

Figuring out how to wear a gaiter can be initially challenging for a first-timer, especially since there are many different ways to wear a gaiter. We’ve established these general style tips to help you maximize your neck gaiter purchase. Keep reading to find out more on how to wear a neck gaiter! 

How to Match Gaiters With Outfits

Picking an out-there and eye-catching design is recommended if you like to make a statement with your outfits. On the other hand, if you’re trying to match your neck gaiters with your outfits, choosing more approachable colors, such as solid colors, will be more effective in styling your outfits. 

How to Choose the Right Material Based on Usage

Neck gaiters come in different materials depending on their intended usage. For example, microfiber neck gaiters are a lightweight and more comfortable option for outdoor adventures. The moisture-wicking fabric is excellent for maintaining hydration, reducing skin temperature, drying quickly, and providing a breathable material for days spent outside in the sun. 

A heavier fabric, such as a microfiber neck gaiter made of fleece or polyester, is best used for winter outdoor adventures. This thicker material functions to keep the neck warm. Some neck gaiters are designed with wool or fleece for an added touch as a productive neck warmer. 

Advice on Washing and Maintaining Neck Gaiter

Follow our advice on washing your neck gaiter to ensure it maintains its quality!

The easiest way to clean your neck gaiter is by putting it in the washer. Set the washer to a delicate cycle using cold water for the wash. Refrain from adding bleach or fabric softener as these can damage the neck gaiter. 

Another option instead of using the washer is handwashing your neck gaiter. Use a mild detergent and lukewarm water. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry your neck gaiter once cleaned in the wash. 

Do Not:

  • Dry your neck gaiter in direct sunlight
  • Iron your neck gaiter

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Final Thoughts on How to Wear a Gaiter

Throughout this article, we detailed how to wear a gaiter and how it can be productive in helping protect you from exposure to the elements. 

There are numerous ways to wear a neck gaiter, such as a scarf, headband, or balaclava. Deco Slide’s custom design tool makes it quick and easy to fashion a unique neck gaiter. Our fashionable neck gaiters and custom slide sandals make for an impressionable fashion statement whether you’re fishing, hiking, or skiing without compromising comfort. 

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