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Why Choose Deco for Your Custom Slides

We know there are other options out there when it comes to purchasing custom slides, and while we think that Decos are the best product out there, our slides aren't for everyone. 

Since we have a pretty good lay of the competitive landscape by now and like to think of ourselves as slides experts, we thought we'd share some of our insights on today's custom slides game.

Custom slide options
  • ISlide: Athletic inspired slides with velcro straps. Most famous for appearing on Shark Tank and turning down a pretty solid offer.
  • M4D3 Custom: A newish entrant to the slides game, they make classically styled slides in addition to custom printed shoes and slippers.
  • Alibaba: There are dozens of Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba that you can buy from directly.
  • Deco Slides: That's us!

That's it! 

You might be thinking, "Wait... I'm pretty sure I saw custom made Adidas out there. Or maybe Nikes." And it's true, some of the bigger players do allow for "customization," however their idea of customization boils down to mixing and matching the colors of slide straps and soles. If you want to add a logo, text, or a truly unique design, you'll have to go through one of the four players listed above. 

Let's break down the pros and cons of each retailer.



  • Adjustable velcro strap allows for a more lenient fit
  • Reasonable wholesale pricing (+100 pairs)
  • Comfortable soles 
  • Soles come in 8 different colors


  • Bulky design will turn some people off
  • Expensive for individual orders
  • The limited print area on the strap leads to designs being cut off in weird ways and limits design flexibility
  • Design help is very expensive at $100+/hr
  • Slow/unresponsive delivery/service
M4D3 Custom


  • Edge to edge printing on the strap
  • Customizable sole colors
  • Classic slide aesthetic that will appeal to most people


  • Somewhat expensive individual pricing, no bulk pricing rates
  • Is produced in and ships from China -- customer service is non-existent
  • Quality is poor -- after a month or so the straps have a tendency to come unglued from the soles


  • Can be very cheap for large orders (+500)
  • Chinese manufacturers can produce nearly any style you can imagine


  • Minimum order quantities are generally at least 500 pairs
  • Long lead times 
  • The language barrier can be a problem
  • You have very little recourse if a manufacturer ships you product you are not satisfied with
  • Logistics and customs can get hairy
Deco Slides


  • Edge to edge printing
  • Swappable straps allow you to get multiple looks for a discount (ex. home and away team colors)
  • Most cost effective option for orders of less than 100 pairs
  • Free design help
  • Comfortable soles, durable materials


  • Only one color of sole available (black)
  • Snap aesthetic can be a turn off

While we may given ourselves a few more points in the  "Pros" column than we gave our competitors, Decos definitely aren't for everyone. If you are looking for an athletic slide that will fit well with really narrow or really wide feet, you should go with ISlide. If you're trying to place a big order and want to get it as cheap as possible, go with Alibaba. Honestly, we think Decos are categorically better than M4D3 custom slides, but if you have your mind set on a certain color sole, go with them.

For most other cases, we'd say Decos are a fit for your needs and likely to be the best value as well.

Ultimately though, that's up to you! We truly believe the customer is always right and love to get any and all feedback you might have. Comment or drop us a line any time. 

Thanks for reading!