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Slides vs Flip Flops: What’s the Difference and Which is Right For You?

Sandals are an excellent choice for casual day-to-day wear as an easy shoe that you can put on or take off in just seconds. Comparing flip flops vs slides as two of the most prominent types of sandals can seem like a debate between two similar options at first, but there are several key differences to consider. Slides offer durable and stable wear, especially when they are made with high-quality materials like polyurethane. The difference of slides vs flip flops also stands out when it comes to style, as slide sandals are a fairly common sight on runways and red carpets, while flip flops have a reputation as a very casual shoe. Some would say they’re a bit outdated in...

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Why Choose Deco for Your Custom Slides

We know there are other options out there when it comes to purchasing custom slides, and while we think that Decos are the best product out there, our slides aren't for everyone.  Since we have a pretty good lay of the competitive landscape by now and like to think of ourselves as slides experts, we thought we'd share some of our insights on today's custom slides game. Custom slide options ISlide: Athletic inspired slides with velcro straps. Most famous for appearing on Shark Tank and turning down a pretty solid offer. M4D3 Custom: A newish entrant to the slides game, they make classically styled slides in addition to custom printed shoes and slippers. Alibaba: There are dozens of Chinese manufacturers on Alibaba that you can...

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Design Your Own Slides with Our Custom Sandals Design Tool

We pleased to announce that we've launched a DIY online slide personalization tool! Check it out at https://decoslides.com/products/custom-slide-sandals. With this tool, you can easily design slides with custom logos, text, colors, and photographs all from your browser -- it even works on your phone! We think that customizing footwear should be just as easy as designing a t-shirt, and we drew inspiration from sites like Custom Ink and Uber Prints when we were creating our slides customizer. Similar to those t-shirt creation sites, our slide design maker allows you to choose the color of your straps and drag and drop photos and text to make your own unique creation. Unlike those sites, we have can print the entire color spectrum...

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FAQ: Should I buy Guccis or Decos?

Should I buy Guccis or Decos? We hear this question all the time, and we totally sympathize -- these decisions are tough! Although we of course would like you to buy Deco, we value trust and transparency over all else so we'll walk you through this difficult choice honestly and without bias.  Gucci: What are my options? Here's the classic red and green Gucci slide, made popular by Future's seminal hit, Thought It Was A Drought: You can purchase this classic slide here for $210. If you're looking for the latest 2018 Gucci fashions, you may find the "Floral Brocade Slide" appealing: The Floral Brocade slide will set you back $620. You can purchase it here.  Our Take Both of...

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