3D Previewing Is Here!

We’re happy to announce that you can now view and share all of your custom slides designs in 3D! Use our online customizer tool to personalize your slides with text, logos, and photos and our preview tool will show you exactly what they’ll look when they arrive. You can zoom, drag, and rotate the 3D model to see what your creation will look like from every angle so you can make sure it comes out just right.

Try it out here (the 3D preview will pop in after a few seconds): https://decoslides.com/products/custom-deco-slides?design=zlmaes 

3D Deco Slides Preview

This isn’t just for new designs either -- any designs you may have saved in the past are available to preview in 3D as well! You check see them in 3D by following the link we emailed you when you saved your design.

Let us know what you think by emailing us at hello@decoslides.com