New Designs: The Deco Holiday Collection

Slides? In the winter? Apparently… we just had our biggest sales month ever this November. I guess if you squint slides aren’t so different than slippers (and IMO the neoprene cushioning does make our slides pretty cozy).

To celebrate, we designed a bunch of slides to put us and you in the holiday spirit. We’ve got Christmas sweater slides, Hanukkah slides, a whole lotta flannel, and a few out of left field concepts that are more related to skiing than the holidays (around this time of year it’s hard to get snow off our minds -- we are located in Denver after all).

You can find the whole collection here, but first, check out the Deco HQ favorites:

Red Customized Christmas Sweater Slides

Who: Benny (Production)
Favorite Pair: Red Christmas Sweater Slides
Why: "Their awesome design brings warmth to the holiday season. Lol"



Norwegian Red Christmas Sweater Slides

Who: Chase (Sales)
Favorite Pair: Norwegian Red and White Christmas Sweater Slides
Why: “The texture of our fabric works really well with the pattern and the slides look like an actual woven sweater”


Customizable Luxury Wrapping Paper Slides

Who: Sam (Software Engineering)
Favorite Pair: Customizable Luxury Wrapping Paper Slides
Why: “I like the look, but I’m really excited about the customization option. This was our first pair of slides to use a ‘customization template’, which should make the customization process easier by preselecting fonts and text placements. No more hunting around for the right font/font color -- we’ve already done it for you.”




Monogrammed Tartan Plaid Slides
Who: Brie (fan)
Favorite Pair: Monogrammed Tartan Plaid Slides
Why: “Ready to sit by the fire!”



Which are your favorites? And what should we add to the collection next year? Let us know what you think in comments or