Socks and Slides: Who Wore It Best? Travis Scott vs Big Shaq

Travis Scott + Flame Slides

On the left, we have (possible? probable?) Kylie Jenner baby daddy and artist behind Deco Slides' collective favorite song of 2016, Travis Scott.

The video at hand, though, is unfortunately not for "Pick Up the Phone," but for "Way Back":

In the last third of the video, we see Travis kicking back in his favorite Slayer shirt and Jeremey Scott flames slides (assuming no relation, hard to confirm though). Seems chill enough:

Travis Scott Flame Slide Sandals in Convertible

Big Shaq + Leopard Print Slides

On the right, we have Comedian turned legend Big Shaq and his video for parody turned actual hit song "Man's Not Hot". Skrrt skrrt music at its finest. 

As grime/Skepta fans, we're not sure how we should feel about this. On the one hand, it's making the entire genre look ridiculous. On the other hand, it's actually good. A real dilemma.

Big Shaq flashes slides a few times in this clip, sporting leopard print slides over white socks on the beach, which, probably not the best idea. But that's kind of the point -- puffer jackets and socks and sandals on the beach are among the sins of the genre. We even get a closeup early on:

Big Shaq Slide Sandals on the Beach

The Winner:

We're really tempted to say no one, for obvious reasons. However, we're going to go with Big Shaq because:

  1. The Jeremy Scott flame slides are ass ugly
  2. Big Shaq's slides are also ass ugly, but that's kind of the point
  3. We like Big Shaq's song more

Agree/Disagree? We don't really care but feel free to chime in.